Proudly hosting 10,000+ domains is owned and operated by Rob Walker or aka "Aussie Bob". Bob has 15 years experience in the hosting industry, going back to 2001.

Aussie Bob

Bob, married for 23 years has 6 children, is a mad keen road, track and MTB cyclist. If he's not in the office, he's probably out on the bike!! Bob races in A grade road club events and is also a Masters State Track champion too.

About us began operations in 2007 with the quest of providing rock solid feature rich multiple domain hosting sourced from Australian based servers. We´re currently hosting around 10,000 domains for clients all over Australia, and a few beyond our shores too!!

I´m Rob Walker, or better known on the net as Aussie Bob. This was a name given to me by a hosting client in 2002 and it just stuck and became my online identity in various hosting forums and whatnot. I´m the founder and hands on manager of
ABN: 57 158 294 789.

The Nuts and Bolts of the Business

Now hosting is not only about servers, switches, routers, lots of flashing lights and cold sterile datacentres. It´s about people too. Hosting is the delivery of all that technology fused with the people who stand behind it, so to speak. The team built around consists of some of the most talented techs and admins around, with decades of combined experience in the hosting business.

The Back Story

Back in the early days of the net (1998 - 2000), you know, when 56k dial up ruled, no one knew what the heck a facebook was, a tweet was the noise a bird made, and Justin Bieber was a harmless 5 year old, I was building websites for local businesses. These websites needed to be hosted, and I was buying each hosting account one at a time, for US$9.95/mth each, for my client´s sites. Along with my own personal and business sites, I was hosting around 30+ websites, paying for each one separately and it was costing me a small packet each mth.

Now I´m thinking what I need is a hosting account that allowed me to setup multiple domains, and roll all those domains into the one account for the one monthly fee. So after much searching, I found what is called a reseller account, and rolled all my sites into that account, and basically saved around $275.00/mth.

I was thinking I'll just use this hosting reseller account as the supply for my web design clients, and for any other projects I fancy to dabble in down the track. But the entrepreneur in me was also thinking, and wondering if there´s other folks out there who want multiple domain hosting too, and want to save money like me. So a week later, with a rather crude website put together, was born!

Well it became apparent that there was a lot of demand out there for multiple domain hosting, and with my "Host 10 domains for $29.95/mth" offer, I was attracting clients, and clients, and clients, and more clients. Google was also great, as by some miracle of the internets, I secured the #1 spot for "multiple domain hosting" on Google, for a good amount of time, and this was great for business.

It wasn´t long until I stopped building websites for others, to focus 150% (meaning 16 hours a day 7 days a week!!) on building Throughout 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004, grew to host more than 20,000 domains, for clients from all corners of the globe. The hours were long, but I was working from home, with an amazing team of techs and sysadmins from around the globe, so it was manageable and this made it possible to build out the business without getting divorced in the process!!

In 2004 another hosting company made an offer I couldn't refuse, so I sold, and with the proceeds of the sale my wife and I purchased a 1/4 acre block of land with range views, and with the help of my father (a builder) we built the family home, all 550m2 of it!

I'm 46 years young and have been married for 23 years to an amazing lady called Wendy, and we have 6 incredible children, from ages 10 to 22. Where does the time go? It feels like just yesterday that we brought our first son home from the hospital, and now there´s 5 more, and our 22 yr old son is taller than me, or he thinks he is anyways!!

My family gives me the drive to succeed, in wanting to be the strong and caring father who provides well for his family. Since 2001 the hosting business has allowed me to achieve this, and I am very grateful and never will take this for granted.