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A Dedicated business deserves a dedicated server

  • Joey Dedicated
    from $249.00 /month
    • Intel Dual Core i3-3220 3.3Ghz
    • Cent OS 6.0 (64 Bit)
    • 1 x 120GB SSD SATA III drive
    • 1 x 250GB SATA III drive for backups
    • 4GB DDR3 1333 RAM
    • 500GB Data transfer/month
    • cPanel included
    • Fully Managed by
    • 2 Dedicated IP addresses
    • No setup fee. Month to month contract
  • Kangaroo Dedicated
    from $349.00 /month
    • Intel Quad Core Xeon E3-1225 V2 Processor
    • Cent OS 6.0 (64 Bit)
    • 1 x 240GB SSD SATA III drive
    • 1 x 250GB SATA III backup drive
    • 8GB DDR3 1333 RAM
    • 750GB data transfer/month
    • cPanel included
    • Fully Managed by
    • 2 Dedicated IP addresses
    • No setup fee. Month to month contract
  • Buck Dedicated
    from $499.00 /month
    • Intel 8 Core Xeon E3-1245 V2 Processor
    • Cent OS 6.0 (64 Bit)
    • 2 x 240GB SSD SATA III drives in RAID1
    • 1 x 250GB SATA III backup drive
    • 16GB DDR3 1333 RAM
    • 1000GB data transfer/month
    • cPanel included
    • Fully Managed by
    • 2 Dedicated IP addresses
    • No setup fee. Month to month contract.
Aussie Bob

To explain what dedicated servers offer, let´s rethink web hosting in its simplest terms. Think of web hosting like a tall inner city Hotel building, with many individual Hotel rooms. When you buy a shared web hosting account, it´s like buying access to one Hotel room in that Hotel building. Your Hotel room shares the Hotel building´s resources, be that electricity, water, staff etc, and you have neighbors who also share the Hotel building and that building´s resources. Naturally this is the cheapest entry level type of hosting account.

Now if you were to buy access to a VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting account, what you´re buying is access to is the entire floor of the Hotel building. So naturally this costs more, but you get more resources and more space to live in. Just think like Elvis when he would roll into Vegas and rent out the entire floor of a hotel. You´re still sharing the building with other VPS tenants, who are on the other Hotel floors, but you all have more resources, so naturally this costs a little more than a standard shared hosting account.

Ok, so if you buy a dedicated server account, think of it like you´re buying access to the entire Hotel building, just for yourself. Howard Hughes eat your heart out!! You share your building´s resources with noone, except with those you invite along. You don´t have any neighbors and all of the building´s resources and staff are available for you to utilise. Now naturally this costs more, but you get more, a lot more.

Now given the fact that you´re not sharing your Hotel´s resources with anyone else, you have a higher level of service from the building, but this higher level of service comes at a higher price. For only $249.00 per month, you can have your own fully managed Dedicated Server and give your business website the very highest level of availability, security and performance. If missed emails or downtime is costing your business a lot of money, then your own dedicated server is a very cost effective and sensible option.

Dedicated servers FAQ´s

1. How long does it take to get a dedicated server setup? We allow 3 business days for the setup of your dedicated server. This is not something that should be rushed, as we work hard to ensure your server is properly setup and configured, before handing you over the keys.

2. Does my server come with a control panel? Yes, all our dedicated servers come complete with cPanel, which enables you to manage aspects of your hosting account yourself. We´re always here to help too.

3. How many dedicated IPs does my server come with? We supply you with 2 dedicated IP addresses. If you need more IPs, they are $5/month/IP and need to be justified in their usage. Good justification is for SSL certificates, for ecommerce sites.

4. Can I have root access on my server? All dedicated servers are fully managed by the admins and techs, so we do not provide root access as a result of that. If you would like your server to be unmanaged by us, then you can have full root access, but you are responsible for your server.

5. What are the benefits of a dedicated server? As mentioned above, you share your server with noone else, other than who you invite onto your server. You can have custom software installed by us if you like, that would not be installed on a shared server. If you´re seeking the highest availability, security and performance for your website, a dedicated server is a cost effective and great option.

6. Who manages my server? We manage your server for you, such as monitoring your server if it crashes, and rebooting it if necessary. We maintain the software on your server and ensure your server´s software is up to date and secure. We treat your server just as we treat our shared servers, where the only difference is you´re our only client on your own dedicated server.

7. Is there a minimum term contract for my dedicated server? No, we don´t lock you into any contracts. You can cancel your server at anytime, as payment for your server is month to month.

8. Who is responsible for the hardware of my server? We are, and if any hardware needs replacing, we will tend to that very quickly, just as we would with any of our shared servers.

5 benefits of a dedicated server

1. Highest level of performance You´re the only client of ours on that server, so you will receive the highest level of server performance available.

2. Highest level of security Because it´s your server and you´re our only client who uses that server, you cannot be negatively effected by other clients on that server, which can sometimes be the case in shared hosting.

3. Highest level of customisation Need some custom software installed? No worries. We can make that happen for you. It´s your server and you have a lot more options when it comes to how your want it customised.

4. Highest level of uptime and reliability As above, because you´re the only client on your server, you won´t be negatively effected if another client of ours has their website swamped in traffic, and thus slowing down the server.